Monday, June 07, 2010

Save The Gulf Concerts

So. . . .where are all the save the gulf concerts? We should be seeing tv specials with musicians and celebrities giving heartfelt talks about the poor fishermen, the wildlife, the loss of income, the beaches, the effect on the gulf states economy, etc. Where are they? Have you noticed how these people are quick to the rescue for other countries and sit on their uppity behinds when it is here at home? My buddy, Bo noticed. So did Ol' BC.

Just an observation.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

A Mile Below The Surface

Soooo, why exactly were they drilling for oil a mile below the gulf's surface? Let's say it all together. Environmentalists. Period. There are other options by the dozens. This might be disturbed or that might be disturbed. Has anything been disturbed in the gulf?

It going to be a long long time before we aren't an oil dependent society. Hell, does anyone really think the $4.oo gas didn't trigger the whole mortgage and economic crisis? The problem is that our president thinks gas should be $4.oo a gallon. We saw what that got us.

Just a thought.