Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Analysis Of The GOP

This WSJ article by Tom Coburn talks of the denial in the Republican party. Take a couple of minutes and read it. As The Baron pointed out, one can agree with it down to the last paragraph.

In Ol' BC's opinion Coburn makes valid points. He makes huge points that have been neglected by the current power in the Republican party. What might those be? Ready? Spending and expansion of government. Got it? Spending and expansion of government. If you don't get it or you just don't want to see it think back to the Contract with America. There are lots of other fringe issues. Right to life. Taxes. Gay marriage. Social Security. Illegal alien amnesty. School choice. There's a ton of them. In many, many of these federal intrusion should be the issue.

Let's take the right to life issue as an example. There is a large number in the GOP who are zealots when it comes to this. They want government intrusion when it comes to this issue. They are ready and willing to accept government intrusion here. There is also a large number in the GOP who view this as a moral, not a political, issue. There is also a large number who feel that this is an issue that should be reserved for state and local government entities.

Ol' BC tends to be among those who looks to the Constitution for the authority of the federal government. Article I section VIII and the tenth amendment. The number who share this outlook seem to be dwindling. I'm not saying it's not alright to argue the merits of any issue. I'm just saying that until the leaders of the Republican party realize that the majority of Americans want less taking and spending of our money and less intrusion into our lives by the federal government the GOP is going to be looking at loss after loss as election cycles pass.

Just a thought.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama - Can't He Read?

B. Hussein Obama and Hitlery Clinton have several things in common. One is they don't seem to want to pay much attention to history. Each wants to and professes that they will if elected raise taxes on the wealthier individuals and renegotiate NAFTA. Apparently they refuse to read about the trials and tribulations of President Herbert Hoover. You see, as Ol' BC remembers his history, Hoover adopted essentially the same strategy and it resulted in catastrophic results, called by most The Great Depression.

Hoover taxed the wealthier folks and pushed through the Smoot-Hawley tariff. Most, even the youngest of students, have heard of The Great Depression. Not taught nowadays is what triggered it. It runs contrary to the agenda of the left, which tends to run academia throughout the United States. Europe, long held up as the ideal of the left, is running from its socialism quickly.

The Donks are professing the same strategy as Herbert Hoover. Most likely, the GOP and their candidate who is old enough to be aware of such things won't call them out on it. Dubya, as a president, has pretty much been ordinary by most standards. However, he has had pretty continual economic growth. Get ready for an abrupt halt if B. Hussein gets elected.

Just a thought.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary For VP? - Not Likely

. . .at least according to this account at RCP.

Close-in supporters of Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign are
convinced he never will offer the vice presidential nomination to Sen. Hillary
Clinton for one overriding reason: Michelle Obama.

Not only does Michelle Obama hate the United States, she doesn't seem to think too highly of Hitlery Clinton either. This could get really interesting as time progresses. Hitlery and Bill could make it quite difficult for B. Hussein to get elected. The media is fooling a ton of people about Obama, but if both Clintons are pissed off, chances of winning aren't real good. Hell, B. Hussein could have an accident before the election if past events are any indication.

Just a thought.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Conservative Claims London Mayoral Race

Socialism takes another hit - in England this time. There's Merkel, Sarkozy, Berlusconi and now Boris Johnson may be beginning the trend in England. Far and wide folks are realizing that socialism doesn't work in the long run. Except, that is, here in the USA. A good percentage of the people still cling to the failed ideology. Why, exactly, do you think that is? Europeans who were always held up as the example to admire are running from it and running fast. Should we still emulate their example?

Just a thought.