Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remember Lawrence Summers?

Back in 2005 Ol' BC posted about Lawrence Summers, The One's economic team member named to direct the National Economic Council. One would seriously expect outrage from the main stream media over this appointment. Larry, you remember, was the Harvard president who said that the reason women don't reach top scientific jobs may be biological. It created quite a stir on the wildly liberal Harvard campus among professors.

Ol' BC posted on it back in February of 2005. One wonders if W had appointed this guy what the response would have been.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

FREE Betting Site

This is a really fun deal. They give you the money to start. If you bet a game or match and lose, they give you the starting amount again. It's a great way to play and see just how tough it is. They start you out with a dime. If you amass over $20 you can cash it out and receive a check. Some have in the hundreds of dollars. It's paid for by advertisers. It really is fun.


Click the link and sign up. If you don't enjoy after a while just quit playing. It's FREE!! BTW, Ol' BC is up to 76 cents. (I didn't keep doubling up.) I know several playing now and having a ball.

Just an observation.

Post Election Scare

After observing the post election elation from most media outlets and the relative lack of concern of most people in the U.S., Ol' BC's world tilted suddenly. I actually found myself agreeing with FROMA HARROP.

I don't actually recalling this ever happening in the past, although I must admit I don't read her on a regular basis but do more than just occasionally. She is a genuine nutcase - nearly always on the socialist side of any issue. Big government all the way. Nothing leads one to believe that she would have any appreciation for moderation. Now I find myself in agreement with her.

I guess the possibility exists that she has seen the light.

Whatever a new President Obama and his supercharged Democratic majorities owe
labor can be paid in other ways. The ridiculously named Employee Free Choice Act
really is disturbing and undemocratic — and can be easily caricatured as such by
the Republican opposition. It is also bad PR for unions. If they have so much to
offer, why are they afraid of a secret ballot?

While Harrop may be on the money on this issue, it's way too early to assume she's is drifting towards the center politically. It does however make you pause and take a good look when you find yourself in agreement with her.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Govern From The Center?

There has been some discussion as to whether the President-Elect will govern from the center or cave to the pressure from the left. It doesn't look much like the center has much of a chance. This is what happened to Clinton in his first two years. The Donks lost Congress. Clinton moved to the center and now is regarded by many as a good president.

Not only that. Remember back to Jimma Carter, the worst president in our history. Will B. Hussein repeat Jimma's errors. First big decision looks like it could happen. Rahm Emanuel is not a consensus builder.

Just an observation.