Sunday, December 31, 2006

Somali Muslims Getting Pounded

Ethiopian forces don't have Bill Clinton to pull them out before the task is complete. They are putting a hurting on the Somali Muslims. This affords the Somali Muslims the opportunity to display the fact that they are as crazy as Muslims in most other regions according to this article.

“My fighters will defeat the Ethiopians forces,” Sheik Ahmed Mohamed Islan, the
head of the Islamic movement in the Kismayo region told The Associated
“Even if we are defeated we will start an insurgency. We will kill
every Somali that supports the government and Ethiopians.”

There you go. They will kill their own brothers and sisters if they support an effort and a government that promotes tolerance and personal and religious freedom. I guess that blows up the "Islam is a religion of peace" crap.

Just an observation.

Have A Grand And Glorious 2007

As the midnight hour closes in on us, I want to take a moment to wish you all a Happy New Year. Drink responsibly (or at least semi-responsibly) and don't drink and drive. Remember you no longer get any credit for experience when it comes to drinking and driving. You just go to jail.

Just a thought.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Hanged!!!

Finally. This just broke a couple of minutes ago.

Maybe progress can begin in Iraq.

Just a thought.

Iraqis May Have More Hope

How can that be? Simple, Saddam is going to hang shortly and when he does one source of serious uneasiness is going to be put to rest. Joe Scarborough wrote:

Because the United States encourages Shiites and Kurds to rise against Saddam
Hussein after the first Gulf War. When they did, America did nothing while
Hussein mowed them down. For almost four years, many Shiites have been afraid to
commit to the U.S. because of the fear that Saddam would regain power after we
once again abandoned Iraq.
That is one less fear 80 percent of the
population will now have.

Read the entire article here.

Just an observation.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Donald Trump - Feeling Frisky

The Donald is at it again. First he was suing the biggest head in television. Now he has his sights on a Florida community. The Donald is going after Palm Beach, Florida. It seems they don't particularly care for his large American flag flying over his Mar-a-Lago Club.

Yes, there is a little more to the story. Somebody in Palm Beach wants to flex some muscles.

Just an observation.

Cuba Importing Surgeons For Castro

This article tells of a Spanish newspaper report. Apparently, a "renowned" surgeon from Spain and medical equipment are being flown to Cuba to treat Fidel Castro. I wonder if the wild eyed liberals of the Democratic party are paying attention to this. I guess I shouldn't single out the Democrats. All liberals, progressives, socialists and communists should count. One would think that a wonderful "to each according to their need" government like Cuba would have all the expertise and equipment they would need, despite the fact that it is contrary to human nature and has failed all over the world. I hope all Hillarycare proponents are watching the results of such efforts.

Just an observation.

Ethiopia Smacks Somalia

Ethiopia may be smarter than the United States. Islamic militants may be pushing on the wrong button. This article says Ethiopia launched air strikes in repsonse to Somalia's efforts. Ol' BC thinks the Christians in Ethiopia may be cut from a little different cloth than those in the U.S. The U.S. probably would have had the Ethiopians try offering up land to the Somalis for a month or so of peace.

Also, what is this "holy war" crap the Islamic militants are always talking about?
The militants, who want to govern Somalia according to Islamic law, invited foreign Muslims on Saturday
to join their holy war
against Ethiopian troops. Many fear the fighting
could escalate into a regional battle.
“Muslims are brothers and help each
other,” said Sheik Yusuf Indahaadde, national security chairman for the Council
of Islamic Courts. “We have a right to call our brothers and sisters to help us
in this holy war.”

I'm totally unaware of anyone trying to wipe out Islam. Jews yes.(That would be the Muslims trying to wipe them out.) But, Islam, the religion of peace (sarcasm off), I think not. May not be a bad idea though.

Just a thought.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Jimmy Carter - Anti-semite?

Burt sums it up. And he asks why Carter can't just go away.

Whenever I hear an American claim that he favors Arabs in this ongoing
conflict, a conflict perpetuated by a people who think Hitler left the job only
half-done, I wonder why. Whenever I hear an American claim that people who treat
their women like chattel; who live under theocratic rule; who oppose freedom of
speech and certainly religion; who cheered and danced on 9/11 and then, for good
measure, insisted that Israel was behind the attack; and who pay homage to
suicide bombers; are preferable to Israelis, a people who share our values and
who are exactly like us, except that they’re Jewish, I know that I’m in the
presence of an anti-Semite.
Even if he happens to be a former president of
the United States.

Are all of these pro-Arabs, pro-Muslims, etc. anti-semites? I never really looked at it in that light. Maybe I've been led astray by the MSM. You see, the Arabs sole mission is the eradication of Israel, openly stated. Any peace they go along with is temporary to allow them to regroup towards their main goal of erasing Israel from the face of the earth. They have stated this as well.

Perhaps the U.S. should quit holding back Israel and allow them to take care of that part of the world. We may end up with lasting peace.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Donald Trump To Sue Big Head

She may have a head too large to fit in a standard television set, but The Donald can still sue her, Rosie O'Donnell that is. Read about it.

Just an observation.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Smoking Nazis Rule Hawaii

They have migrated across the Pacific Ocean. These smoking nazi types could create a problem for the 50th state. This article tells about the problem.

some fear it may deter cigarette-puffing tourists from coming to the islands,
especially high-spending visitors from Japan.

The Japanese like their cigarettes. The world is a big place. They can vacation elsewhere. At least there won't be much cigarette smoke blowing out into the Pacific air.

Just an observation.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Evan Bayh Out

This article indicates Bayh has ruled out a run for the Democratic nomination. Long odds indeed and it appears Bayh recognized that.

Does this mean that Bayh may return to the semi-conservative that governed the state of Indiana for two terms? Will he finally quit trying to appease the left wing power of the Donks in hopes of getting endorsements for a run? OR, have they really gotten to him? Time will tell.

Just a thought.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Hallyday Leaving France

Dig this! Another Fwenchy sick and tired of paying big time taxes in France is leaving the socialistic practices for others to worry about.

Rocker Johnny Hallyday is just one of the famous or anonymous French nationals
who pull out of the country's tax base daily in a rarely discussed phenomenon
fueled by European fiscal competition.
"Like many French people, I've had
enough of the taxes we are forced to pay and this is it, I've made my choice,"
Hallyday told French radio Thursday during the launch of a Hallyday fashion line
at a Paris boutique.

Can't say that I blame them. Maybe this is another reason why socialism and communism tends to fail all over the world. Apparently this a common problem for the Fwench, but one they try to keep buried from the public.

The issue of fiscal exile from France has long been almost tabou.
The number
of those who move abroad, often quietly, to escape burdensome income and wealth
taxes is estimated at "one per day" by Gilles Carrez, a member of Sarkozy's UMP
party that oversees budget questions in the national parliament.

Hmmmm! Not all the Fwench are nuts, just the ones in charge.

Just a thought.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Please, Make A Note Of It

If the Donks actually do this Ol' BC will be impressed. It could just apply to the leftover bills. Time will tell.

Just a thought.


Ol' BC and Mrs. BC spent the last few days getting acquainted with the newest grandchild. Little BC and his wife's first, a lovely little girl named - what else -
Reagan. ( Yes, as in Ronald. )

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh That Flatulence

I've heard of it making your eyes water and your teeth rot, but making an airplane land?

Just an observation.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Gwyneth Paltrow Flip Flops

"I felt so upset to be completely misconstrued and I never, ever would have said
that," says the 34-year-old Oscar winner. "I definitely did not say that I think
the British are more intelligent and civilized than Americans. I am a New York
girl, that's how I always think of myself and see myself."

This article points to a bit of spin. Not exactly the same as

'I love the English lifestyle, it's not as capitalistic as America.
don’t talk about workand money, they talk about interesting things at dinner.

that this U.K. article quotes. Spin? Perhaps. The article goes on and quotes

I like living here because I don't fit into the bad side of American psychology.
The British are much more intelligent and civilised than the Americans.'

Spin? Looking more that way. Not really, I guess. More like just lying.

Just an observation.

John Bolton Resigns

A sad day indeed. Those from nations who worked with the Ambassador had nothing but good things to say about the man. He must have really ticked off some socialist or he was just a victim of the Democrats' "just say no to anything the President wants even if it's good for the country" policy.

Just an observation.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Say What?

As Ol' BC was reading this George Will column, a couple of things stood out. White people are victims of institutional racism and public schools in some parts publish the fact that they wish to promote a communist spirit.

Until June, the school district's Web site declared that ``cultural racism''
includes ``emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology,''

Sheesh! What ever happened to the idea of cultivating individualism and developing an individual's strengths so they have a better opportunity to succeed in life?

Just a thought.