Saturday, September 22, 2007

Socialists Seeing What Democrats Can't

Hanoi sees it. Sweden sees it. Germany sees it. Russia sees it. Why can't the Decocrats here in the U.S. see it? What is "it" you may ask. Well, taxes stifle economies and limit incentive to be productive. This Deroy Murdock column was in the local paper here so I found it on the web and thought I'd bring it to the attention of other folk. Isn't it amazing that all these tax happy socialist or communist entities are realizing the by reducing taxes revenues to their respective governments increase (as is always the case) and the lives of their people improve dramatically. More than likely it was a tactic of last resort. The whole system failed in Russia. Germany was in dire economic straits just a short time back. Sweden as well. Yet the Donks itching to run for president here all want to raise taxes.

Democrats cannot deny what happened after President Bush and Capitol Hill
Republicans slashed maximum capital-gains taxes from 18 to 15 percent in 2003.
Rather than dwindle $5.37 billion between 2003 and 2006, as the congressional
Joint Tax Committee’s antique, static-analysis model wrongly predicted, revenues
actually advanced $53 billion.
Foreign economic ministers understand these
lessons and are lowering taxes as if Franklin Roosevelt never lived and Ronald
Reagan never died.

But the Donks here are not. They want to jack taxes more and more. They always like to look to Europe as a model. One time that it would be prudent, they act like three blind mice.

Just an observation.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Federal Deficit Falling

There has to be something wrong here. Bush causes everything to go wrong and the deficit could be as much as thirty-five percent less this year, IN SPITE OF RECORD SPENDING.
This says that's the case.

The Congressional
Budget Office
is forecasting that when this budget year wraps up on Sept.
, the deficit will total $158 billion, down by 36.2 percent from last
year's $248.2 billion deficit.

It's amazing how tax cuts result in huge increases to the treasury and the Donks still want to raise taxes all the time. Imagine what it would be like if we could get a meaningful tax cut or a fair tax where the illegal income is taxed as well. Then imagine if the government actually quit spending money like it comes out of a fire hose. Then imagine if the federal government returned to only the duties authorized in the Constitution. Then imagine how little in taxes would be necessary to support such a government. But couldn't be a Democrat....or a Republican for that matter.

Just a thought.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Kyla Ebbert And The Airline Dress Code

The airline dress code? It seems from the Today show video, the airline in question doesn't have a dress code. Somebody just got a little full of himself and thought he had a little power. You'll have that from time to time, especially when the power is actually minimal. OR, somebody just wanted a little closer look. After watching the video, Ol' BC could accept that line of reasoning. This college student is pretty hot. The video and an article are available here. Ol' BC flies a few times a year and has flown the airline in question. Believe it or not, there was someone dressed in a more revealing fashion on my last flight on that airline and not a word was said. Guess what else. Didn't bother me a bit.

Just an observation.