Monday, March 14, 2011

NFL And Players

I heard recently that the NFL teams have been asked again to open their books to the players for review. That's ludicrous. One talking head actually concurred because as he said, "the players are giving back so they should get to see the books."

Let me clarify this. The players aren't "giving back" one dime. The old CBA has expired and that pie (we'll call it apple pie) was divided under it between the NFL teams and the players. None of the players' money under that agreement is being given back.

NOW, the NFL is baking a cherry pie. They are deciding how to divide it (under a new CBA) since the apple pie has been devoured. They players aren't giving back any apple pie. It's all gone. Now, they are discussing the cherry pie.

The owners have invested millions and some hundreds of millions in their franchises and stadia. As fairly reasonable business people they might like to make a reasonable profit. They provide employment for a bunch of folks. Hopefully, this will settle sooner rather than later.

Just a thought.