Saturday, May 28, 2005

Need, Greed and Compassion

Columnist Jonah Goldberg's recent column on the lack of control of the government spending rings so true. It a little tongue in cheek in some areas, but the point is clearly made. Read it here.

The problem so far has been, simply, politicians like spending other people's
money. As one wag put in the 1980s, "Today, wanting someone else's money is
called 'need,' wanting to keep your own money is called 'greed,' and
'compassion' is when politicians arrange the transfer." Nothing could be more
true of life today under Big Government Conservatism.

Bingo! Big Government Conservatism. Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron?

Just a thought.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Navarrette on Social Security

San Diego newspaper columnist, Ruben Navarrette has an interesting column on Social Security reform. You can read it here. He sat on a panel discussing the issue of Social Security reform and made some intuitive observations.

For this crowd, the whole issue of reforming Social Security comes down to
trusting George Bush. For those who don't, it's tempting to buy the argument
that the administration is manufacturing a crisis to gin up public support
for a
scheme that will make a fortune for "Bush's friends on Wall Street."
from their questions and comments, that's what many in the
Coronado audience
believed. And they couldn't get past it. They insisted on
making the issue
political, when it's really generational.
disappointed me. So did the
fact that these seniors had convinced themselves
that there was no "crisis" in
Social Security because the best estimates are
that benefits will continue to be
paid out for the foreseeable future. They
didn't seem to care a whit about the
financial strain
that future taxpayers will be put under to make that happen. This is the real
You know what else was disappointing? That many of the seniors were
so openly contemptuous of the idea of letting poor and working people invest
their own money in private retirement accounts. To listen to these seniors, the
less well-off aren't smart enough to know what to invest where, and so need the
government to provide them with a guaranteed benefit.
Putting aside the rank
condescension, such comments were horribly naive. Given the demographic changes
ahead – beginning with the retirement of 70 million baby boomers – don't expect
the Social Security system to give out any guarantees or to honor them if it
That's something that older generations need to understand – and which
younger generations figured out a long time ago.

What Navarrette points out is that it is the 55 and up generation who are against private accounts. Again, Bush has been negligent in pointing out the benefits to masses. He needs to sell, sell, sell the benefits to the working poor and lower middle class especially. These are the people who will gain the most from private accounts. If Bush continues to talk about the "future crisis" nothing positive is going to get done. This is a " what's in it for me" era and he needs to let people know. The young people are beginning to see the light. According to Navarrette, it's the blue hair crowd with reservations.

Just an observation.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

RightWingRocker Nails Dean

Absolutely one of Ol' BC's favorite bloggers, RWR, had a great post here on DNC chief Howard Dean and some of his nutty statements and opinions. This is America and Dean is entitled to demonstrate his idiocy if he so chooses. Meet the press seems like a terrific forum. Of course RWR links to the transcript of the show. You may read it and just scratch your head in amazement. If you find yourself in agreement, it's time to call a timeout and reorganize your thoughts. Howie is still out there in lala land.

Just an observation.

Monday, May 23, 2005

WMD's Did Exist

This morning Ol' BC was reading a Time magazine article about the Kurds influence on the new Iraqi government and the probablity of a Kurdish president. The most amazing introduction was in the article. It talked of the abuse of the Kurds by Saddam Hussein and his use of WMD's against them. According to most MSM sources, there weren't any WMD's and now it seems there actually were. Ol' BC suggested a long time ago that if one were to check with the Shiites and the Kurds, the story may be a little different than what most of us read. At least according to the Kurds and the Shiites in the mass graves.

Just a thought.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Debit Card Users Beware

While scanning MSN articles, this one got my attention. Now, Ol' BC was a banker for about fourteen years and understands these situations. For those of you in the dark, it seems when you use your debit card at the gasoline pump, some companies put a hold on a good sized chunk of money in your account. Some holds last for days.

If you ever use your debit card to pay at the pump, watch out: Did you know
that every time you top off the tank, a chunk of your checking account can be
blocked -- sometimes for days, with the potential to cause you all sorts of
financial headaches and bounced checks? That’s what happened to Jessica
Hathaway, a state employee from Allentown, Pa. Earlier this year Hathaway
stopped during her commute to fill up her car at Rauch’s Mini Mart, a Shell
station. She bought $22.29 worth of gas using her debit card.The next day
Hathaway balanced her checkbook using her bank’s telephone service -- and
something didn’t add up. The bank said that she’d made two purchases the
previous morning: one for the $22.29 and one for $75. Trouble is, she’d only
bought the gas.Finally Hathaway called the service station, and an attendant
explained to her what few people know.

Now, Ol' BC isn't proposing one stop using his debit card. Just be aware of how these things work. If you're one that runs his or her account down into double figures or less, you may want to consider alternative way to pay.

Just an observation.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Moslems, Muslims, Mooslims and Christians

Col. Hogan over at Wayne's Dirty Lab had a very interesting observation on the above title. Ol' BC found it so anyway. Take a minute and see for yourself.

One Clear Thinker in Maryland

Every now and then a horrible piece of legislation comes down the pike and gets rubber stamped into law. Thank goodness that didn't happen in this case. You have to read it to believe it.

Hats off to Gov. Ehrlich of Maryland.

Just an observation.

House Democrats Want Assurances?

House Democrats sought reassurances Thursday that Republicans wouldn't try to
bypass them by adding private investment accounts to Social Security legislation
at the last moment.
"This chairman has no interest, on a subject of this
importance, in playing 'gotcha' in any way," Rep. Bill Thomas, R-Calif., who
heads the Ways and Means Committee, answered at the start of another hearing
that quickly degenerated into partisan bickering.

This according to an Associated Press article. Republicans don't need to play "gotcha", they need to clearly articulate the benefits of personal accounts as part of the social security plan. To date, the Republican effort has been piss poor. They need to articulate it so clearly that those who oppose such accounts would be recognized by the masses as the idiots they are. As of now, those who wish to keep the poor down in the gutters are crowing the loudest. The time has come for Republicans to wake up and logically convey the mammoth benefits to the country.

Just a thought.

Milwaukee Needs to Fix This

In Milwaukee of all places, folks found out it is illegal to drink cold beer while tailgating before a Brewers home game according to a Foxsports story.

A city ordinance passed in 1980 - and which city officials are about to
override - says it's unlawful for anyone to drink alcoholic beverages in public
parking lots or public structures.
That would include the parking lots
around Miller Park, which was built on the site of the old County Stadium
instead of downtown in part because the team wanted to maintain the tailgating

Ol' BC can't understand how an ordinance like this would go unnoticed for a quarter of a century, in Milwaukee of all places. Let's hope this gets fixed quickly. Brats and iced tea just aren't the same.

Just an observation.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Here's The Problem...

They're in prison!! This Associated Press article says that the US Supreme Court is going to hear a case about the Americans with Disabilities Act and its application to PRISONERS.

The court already has held that people in state prisons are protected by
the Americans with Disabilities Act. Now the justices will consider whether
prisoners can sue for damages under the ADA, a law meant to ensure equal
treatment for the disabled in many areas of life.

Well, as Ol' BC sees it, the court has already screwed up once. These people earned their way into these institutions of incarceration. Why in the world are we worried about this other than some attorney getting a fee paid by some level of government. If one wants protection under this act, Ol' BC recommends the following: OBEY THE LAW.

Just a thought.

Ethiopian Elections

Wow! An AP article states that voter turnout in Ethiopia's parliamentary election is in the neighborhood on ninety (that's 90) percent. Looks like this democracy thing is trying to get a foothold in other parts of the world.

Former President Jimmy Carter, who led 24 teams of observers from his human
rights and development center, said that while there were minor problems in the
run-up to the vote, the elections on Sunday were "as good as any we've seen."
"Great progress was made toward democracy," said Carter, praising the
government's decision to hold regular political debates and granting the
opposition free radio and television time, but said there were isolated cases of
unlawful arrests and harassment. He said The Carter Center would issue a final
report after the official results are released next month.

With Jimmy Carter overseeing the elections, it will have to be good. Nonetheless, Ethiopia is moving in the right direction. How will the Democrats criticize this? Time will tell.

Just a thought.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Where Do They Get These People?

Ol' BC reads other blogs pretty regularly and just came across this incredible post at Wizbang concerning illegal aliens, or at least this one in particular. You have to read the attorney's comments to believe them.

You probably won't believe them anyway. How did this one pass a bar exam?

Just a thought.

Bolton's Chances Improving

Larry Kudlow blogged yesterday that John Bolton must, must go to the U.N. Now, an AP report indicates Bolton's odds are getting better for approval.

"The picture is one of an aggressive policymaker who pressed his missions at
every opportunity and argued vociferously for his point of view," Lugar said.
"In the process, his blunt style alienated some colleagues. But there is no
evidence that he has broken laws or engaged in serious ethical misconduct. "

However, the Democrats opposing Bolton's nomination are crying foul because he has been known to hurt a feeling or two.

Ol' BC know some feelings that need hurt. Gimme a K. Gimme an O...

Just a thought.

Monday, May 09, 2005

One Thing Wrong With NFL

The National Football League has soared in popularity over the last several years. Good promoting of a good product is Ol' BC's opinion. However, one thing is seriously wrong in the NFL.

San Francisco's new coach, Mike Nolan, wanted to wear a suit and tie on the sidelines and the league swiftly told him no way pal. The images if Paul Brown, George Halas, Tom Landry and Nolan's own dad, Dick are a thing of the past. Now, coaches must wear NFL approved garb to promote the league's booming apparel business.

To me, it's professional. I think it's respectful," Nolan said. "There was
certainly no deal, no one came to me, there was nothing to gain. I wasn't trying
to put the spotlight on me. But what I was trying to say, there's somebody in
charge and this is what they look like."

To Ol' BC, this is a shame. It appears the league would rather have ghetto garb on the sidelines as long as it bears a team logo and promotes the league's products. Even the everyday wind shirts and jackets pale when compared to the legends of NFL coaches.

Just a thought.

Now That's a Holiday Worth Celebrating

Espertantina, Brazil has officially declared May 9th Orgasm Day according to an AP report. The holiday as been unofficially observed for some time according to the article.

Espertantina Mayor Felipe Santolia endorsed the May 9 holiday, which he
said was intended to improve relationships between married couples.

"I've seen scientific studies that show when a woman is unloved, when her
husband can bring her to orgasm, it affects all aspects of her life, her
relationships with her children, at home, with the city and at work," Santolia

Could this ever happen in the U.S.?

Just a thought.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Republican vs. Democrat . .One view

While jumping from blog to blog, I came across this interesting post from Col. Hogan at Wayne's Dirty Lab. It's pretty good stuff. The Colonel expresses some opinion and well as observation, which is what Ol' BC does as well.

The Colonel's differentiation of Republicans and Democrats hits the nail on the head. It's worth taking a minute to read.

Just an observation.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jolie the U.N. Goodwill Ambassador

Angelina Jolie, yes that Angelina Jolie, was in Pakistan as a United Nations goodwill ambassador meeting with Pakistan's Prime Minister Aziz. She is also going to be the keynote speaker at a donors conference for Afghan refugees later in the year, also in Pakistan.

Ol' BC's question is what exactly does a goodwill ambassador do and how much does she cost the U.N.?

Just a thought.

SS Trust Fund Irrelevant

Here's an article that sheds some light on the whole Social Security Trust Fund fiasco.

In fairly simple terms it states:

that's why the Trust Fund is irrelevant. To buy the bonds in the Trust Fund
from itself, the government must get the money from somewhere. It has four
options. It can reduce other government spending. It can sell assets. It can
increase taxes. Or, it can sell bonds. In other words, the Trust Fund has no
effect­ -- zero­ -- on the government's financial situation. Let's
make it more concrete with a personal situation that many people can relate to.
Say you're planning to send your kid to college. You have ten years and think
you need $100,000. In Scenario A, each year you put an IOU for $10,000 in a jar.
At the end of ten years, you pour out the jar, swear a bit more than is proper,
and then scramble to come up with $100,000, either through borrowing, selling
assets, earning more, or spending less. In Scenario B, you skip the jar and IOU
charade and advance to the final step: you swear and scramble. The IOU charade
was irrelevant.

That's easy enough to understand, isn't it? However, it doesn't change the fact that under the current system there is NO OWNERSHIP. Ol' BC has belabored this point and will continue to do so because it's critical for the working poor and their families to have a chance.

Just a thought.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Like I Said Earlier...

...Those who oppose Bush will take the opposite side of anything he proposes. Ace of Spades had this post which confirms it at least in some liberal blog sites. The link in Aces piece is to Michelle Malkin's summation.

Just an observation.