Thursday, July 31, 2008

Al Gore Needs To Go To China

Wow. China is an acid haze of smog and pollution. Where in the world is Al Gore? Those Chinese guys tried their best to hide it from the world. They closed factories so more pollution wouldn't spill into the local atmosphere. They banned driving. They banned anything they could think of including banning internet sites. They are the stereotypical communist country. Where are the algorians criticizing China? They are busy trying to stifle America and their silence on China is deafening.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

McCain Moving In Right Direction

Johnny Mac simply said "no" when asked about raising taxes if elected. This is a start. There is a huge difference between his position and that of B. Hussein Obama's. Johnny Mac has his faults but he is by far the better of the two major party candidates.

He needs to focus on taxes, economic growth, jobs, energy, opportunity and the like. The surge's success is pretty well known by now so he can let that go. In most American's eyes it is alright to want a strong and vibrant country with opportunity for all to improve their lot in life. It wouldn't hurt him to remind people of that. He doesn't need to spend so much time reiterating the past. Look forward. It's working for Obama and his message sucks.

Just an observation.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bush To Spend More Money

Ol' BC was scanning the local paper and ran across this Dan Carpenter column. Almost always, Carpenter is on the wrong side of any issue. This is no exception.

"We said theirs would be difficult to get the Democrats to go along with,"
Andy Fisher, the senator's press secretary, recalled last week. "They let us
offer our own as a start."
They, as in the White House, sought PEPFAR funding
of $30 billion over five years ending in 2013. What they got, after Lugar,
Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden and like-minded leaders in the
House finished making their case and arduously building consensus, was a public
health breakthrough for the ages: $48 billion.
The sum -- $39 billion for
AIDS and $9 billion combined for related killers malaria and tuberculosis --
compares to $19.7 billion spent in the first five years, which funded treatment
for 1.4 million people with HIV/AIDS. The goal of the new bill is care for 12
million, plus prevention of 12 million new cases. The Senate passed it
overwhelmingly July 17; the House followed suit Thursday; President Bush
has said he'll sign it.

Of course Dubya will sign it. He said when he campaigned in 2000 and in 2004 that he was going to spend, spend, spend. He's kept his word. (Ol' BC has written on this earlier.) He campaigned on how much he was going to send to Africa for AIDS. He's kept his word. Here's some more. Forty-eight billion (48,000,000,000) more dollars. (Ol' BC just can figure out why the wild eyed left doesn't like this guy.) What does all this money stolen from the taxpayers being sent overseas mean for the United States?

The moooslem nations still don't like us. The communist nations still don't like us. Most of the socialist nations still don't like us. Of our allies, most of the people in those countries still don't like us. Sending all this money away may make some feel better, but the world is still jealous of the United States and her success. They have been sucked into the socialist or communist farce and have no way out. They realize it doesn't work and now they're jealous of the fact that the U.S. has been able to somewhat stall the adoption of it here. This money going to Africa will have about as much impact as the old woman pissing in the ocean. It just makes some feel better.

This makes about as much sense as the algorians and the tree huggers demonstrating in the United States when Asia and Europe pollute to a much greater degree. Hey guys and gals, there's an agenda here. For the record, it is not a pro-United States agenda. The good news for the anti-U.S. crowd, Obama is just around the corner.

Just an observation.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Olive Garden - They're Out

Why might that be, you ask? Well. . .I'll try to be brief. Ol' BC and Mrs. BC met Mrs. BC's son, daughter-in-law and fetal grandchild at the Olive Garden for dinner and a brief visit since they were in the area for a wedding. The meal was adequate as was the service on this occasion. Then came the monsterous pile of crap. The manager on duty came over to present us our check and inform us that we had been "chosen" for a "guest satisfaction survey." No problem so far. You have this from time to time and as is normally the case, if you suffer the inconvenience of the survey you receive a modest discount on your next visit to any of their restaurants. I indicated that that would be fine and the food and service were alright and I would give them a good survey. Upon that he handed me the ticket folded in half and upon looking at it after he departed I found that IT WAS IN SPANISH! (full disclosure. There was a smallish English paragraph inside the fold.)

They'll get a survey alright. I may go into a brief tirade on the impact such crap. As far as I know Ol' BC is an amalgamation of English, Irish and German immigrants. I've yet to hear of any of my German ancestors getting dual language receipts when they LEGALLY immigrated to this country. As a result, they learned English. They prospered. Something these do gooders are trying so desperately to prevent today's immigrants (legal and ILLEGAL) from doing. They want to keep them incommunicative and on the lower rungs of the economic ladder. The Olive Garden has joined in and Ol' BC is calling them out. Tell your friends!

Just a thought.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Approval Rating

Every week or so we are reminded how low George Dubya Bush has slipped when it comes to his approval ratings. Just when one might think it couldn't be any worse, Congress slipped to single digits. Yep! Nine (9) percent of Americans think Congress warrants a good or excellent rating. That's N-I-N-E. One less than ten. That falls somewhere in the neighborhood of about a third as good as Dubya and Congress isn't bludgeoned daily by the networks. Maybe a significant number of people remember Democrats promising to lower gas prices and get us out of Iraq when they campaigned two years ago and regained control of Congress. Oops. They missed badly on gas prices and we are still in Iraq. My only question is this. Where are the nine percent?

Just a thought.